Anyhow if you start to exercise, There are quite many reasons which demotivate you or stop you from being the best version of yourself. So today we will discuss one of the major reasons which offer great resistance “Age to start Exercise” or “Best Age For Exercise”.

This query very often comes to mind when we start the exercise or in many cases our friends remind us
How this person is getting injured and many more things. Let us know more about it, and when we become familiar with this we can resolve many other problems like exercise for lower back pain, yoga poses, back exercise, and our TITLE “Best Age For Exercise”

What is Exercise?

Exercise is anybody activity or movement that enhances blood circulation, removes toxins from the body, makes our body active, enhances the growth of muscles, increases the concentration of oxygen level in blood.

It provides a gain in growth, improves strength, prevents aging, develops muscles, improves the physical and mental health of an individual.

Age Bound

Types of Age Groups?

Basically we can divide age group in 4 parts :-

  1. Children(00-13)
  2. Youth(14-25)
  3. Adult(26-64)
  4. Seniors(over 65)

How different Exercises are best for different age groups?

Age to start Exercise or Best Age For Exercise

Children:- Childhood is the time when a human gains most of the knowledge as well as at this age human body is very much flexible so at this time we can do yoga exercises to better develop and also gain flexibility, also a child can participate in different games. This will overall improve our personality, build confidence and also make us good leaders or also as a team players.

Youth:- At this age group most of us enter the teenage. So at this time growth of muscles is being started at a quite good rate. So as a simple answer a person can do simple exercise like Race, Yoga, can also start gyming after 18. This will overall develop our body and brain.

Adults:- At this age group, the energy is quite low in comparison to teenagers. So, this period is best for walking, cycling, or a person can do muscle training at its own pace. The main focus should be on growth and safe growth because the wrong kind of exercise can do back pain and muscle injury.

Seniors:- At this age group, a person should prefer simple exercise which does not cause injury. Simple exercises like jogging, even walking, meditation, simple yoga poses, is best for the age.

best age for execise
Adult Age Boundary

Benefits of Right Exercise?

Right Exercise can provide a lots of benefits such as:-

Right Decision

Effects Of Wrong Exercise?

As A Coin has two sides a tail and a head as also wrong exercise can do many wrong effect:-

  1. Back Pain
  2. Muscle Injury
  3. Reduce Muscle Growth
  4. Reduce overall Growth
  5. This leads to wrong posture


After all this long discussion we come to a point that exercise is very beneficial for us. If we do it
in a good manner or proper pattern, else we did it in a wrong manner it can do many adverse effects also.
Various yoga poses are good for every age group.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best age to start exercise?

This question is quite difficult to answer because every age group has certain dos and don’ts. So
always see your training history and it is best to start slow. Yoga is evergreen.

Does excercises can do back pain?

Yes, it is possible because if you do exercise in the wrong manner it will cause back pain. And if
there is a sweet pain it is good because it indicates that your body is healing.

What are the best exercises for lower back pain?

There are much yoga poses to get rid of back pain. eg cobra pose, Downward facing dog, etc. But if the pain is not reducing it is better to consult a doctor.

Best Exercise for Back?

Pull-ups, Pull Down, Row. There are many more just start your journey.

At last keep smiling, be happy and just improve.

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